Why should you choose Printables?

Multiple Habit Tracker-Colored

Why should you choose Printables?


Gone are the days when you’d have to go to your nearest stationery store to buy planners and journals. There is a better, faster and more affordable way of doing things. Simply visit theprintables.in, choose your favourite planners and download them for free- instantly! We boast a large collection of beautiful planners and trackers that are suitable for different occasions. 


Looking for multi-purpose skincare and haircare planners? We’ve got you covered! Made in a range of styles and colours, our trackers will ensure that you never miss a step in your routine and always look and feel amazing! 


We also have a wide range of educational printables. Some include lesson planners, homework and assignment trackers, study checklists and vibrant timetables. They are perfect for both students and teachers who need to keep track of their schedules! Available in both black and white and colours, these printables help you stay on top of your classes, easily.


For those who need help budgetting, investing and keeping track of their financials, Printables has a range of ‘financial’ trackers. Ranging from simple to complex designs, they target every need and are available for multiple free downloads!


If you’re starting your fitness journey or just looking for something to help you stay on track and keep you motivated, visit www.theprintables.in. We have some cool fitness printables like diet charts and meal planners, gym checklists, meal prep lists and more that’ll help you become fit and healthy. Go ahead and check them out right away!


Whether you’re looking for banners, alphabet initial art, stickers and wall decals, or even general home decor wall art, Printables has a wide collection available, all for free! No matter what room you’re decorating, you’re sure to find a free printable to download, print, frame and display!


Do you always forget something when you go shopping? Don’t worry, we have a smart solution for you! Our free shopping list printables are perfect for anyone who likes to use paper lists to keep track of what they need to buy. Simply check off each item, when you put it in the shopping cart and never forget a thing!


All this and more are available here! Browse through your favourites and get printing!