Choose the Best Zink Printer for Your Home Office

With technology on the rise everyday, it is a known fact that anything is possible now. Afterall, we are planning on colonizing Mars, so why is it not possible to print without ink? While that might sound like a juxtaposition and that they don’t belong together, it is real and they are called Zink printers. We, at Printables, bring it to you the list of best Zink printers available in the Indian market right now. 


Printables is an online repository where you can find printable formats for calendars, budget planners and calorie intake charts planned exclusively for you. They also come in different designs and patterns to help you stick to your plans and budget. They are downloadable for free and take no extra charge. This is a dream for someone who loves to make lists even for small things and live by the plan. So if you are one, check out our website to choose from our beautiful planner designs that suit your purpose. We have made a list of the best zink printers for you to choose from to get a quick and high resolution print which is perfect for temporary usage and is eco friendly.


Not all of us need the traditional printers which print loads of paper in monochrome or color. Some of us only require printers for photo or card printing options or something similar to it. It is not economical to get a big printer for small needs like this. This is where zink printers come handy.  Zink printers use zero ink technology. They are capable of printing instant pictures or cards without the usage of any ink toner or cartridges. This makes them both economical and eco-friendly. Even the print paper in Zink printers are reusable. Zink papers are dry, waterproof, smudge-proof and tear-proof and recyclable. Their backs can also be peeled off and sticky-backed. However, these zink prints fade away and so these are perfect for temporary uses with a lifetime of 20 to 30 years. 


Cost- Zink printers are usually inexpensive so it is best not to indulge in anything too expensive.

Size- Instant printers are mainly attractive for their portability and serve as a delight wherever they go. So get yourself a light-weight one. 

App- Most of the zink printers come with an adjunct app. The best zink printer comes with a flawless app design and lots of features to experiment your pictures with. 

Connectivity- Connectivity is the crucial factor while buying a zink printer. You need a zink printer which is compatible with your device through bluetooth or Wi-Fi for a pleasurable experience.

Battery Life-  Most instant printers come with a non-removable but rechargeable battery. The battery life of the zink printer should be at reasonable hours which meets your usage expectations.

Zink Paper- Zink printers only thrive because of zinc papers. Zink papers are just ink papers, multilayered with thermal papers which eliminates the need of toner or ink cartridges. They should be resistant to heat, water, tear or any kind of damage. So, for the best photo quality, choose the printers which are compatible with the finest quality of zinc papers.



Fujifilm Instax Mini Link is an adorable mini printer which is as light as a feather and can be taken anywhere to capture your moments. This zink printer can be connected through bluetooth after downloading the Mini Link App. This app lets you experiment with photos and even connect with your friends for you to make quirky collages. The most interesting part of all, it can also print your favorite moment from videos. This printer can print with a 318 dpi quality in under 12 seconds. The device can be recharged in less than 120 minutes and it allows upto 100 photos to be printed at a stretch without being exhausted. The supported image formats for this printer are PNG,JPEG,HEIF. You can purchase the product here- FujiFilm


Brother VC-500W is a best zink printer because of its capacity, not just limited to image printing. It also allows you to print stellar labels, customized gift wraps, invitations, props, greeting cards and home décor. This device connects through WiFi and has access to your photo gallery and social media photos. The printer also comes with the AirPrint enabled option. The free adjunct app helps you get creative with your printables with thousands of features to choose from. There are diversified tags, filters, frames, fonts and so many other things for you to have fun with. It gives out photos with 313 dpi resolution. The P-touch Editor software lets you produce professional or eccentric labels with this best zink printer. The zink papers come with adhesive backs and are smudge, water and tear resistant. You can purchase it here- Brother Zink Printer


The Kodak Dock printer gives out premium quality full color prints with a printing experience like never before! This best zink printer is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and can be connected to your device via Bluetooth, wifi or USB cable. It can connect two USB devices at the same time. However, only high-quality adapters are advised to do that. The PictBridge in the printer helps you print from the digital camera as well. The printer is enabled with one touch printing and supports only JPEG image format. It also comes with an adjunct app which is loaded with creative features to have fun with your photos! Unlike the other printers, Kodak Dock uses photo cartridges. The Thermal Transfer Technology that comes with it secures the pictures and prevents them from bleeding or fading and makes them water resistant. It can be purchased here- Kodak Dock


The best zink printer- HP Sprocket instant photo printer is the funkiest and most reliable zink printer. They come with a sleep mode and multiple devices can be connected at a time through bluetooth which is denoted by personalised LED colors while printing and doesn’t drain your battery life while doing so! These printers come with augmented reality fun with various features and templates waiting for you in the app! The zink papers are smudge proof and they come with sticky backs to spread the happy memories all over your walls! You can purchase it here- HP Sprocket



The Lifeprint printer helps you print photos which look life-like. These printers can be connected to a global printer network through which you can share photos with friends and family around the world by just following them on the lifeprint app! The app can also make your photos come to life with augmented reality. This printer can connect to your social media photos too and you can print out quirky versions of them. The app is loaded with thousands of meme templates for you to go crazy with! This photo and video printer is designed for travel and is very small and handy. You will love it! You can purchase it on- Lifeprint

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